RRD purjed toimivad

Siin väike komentaar RRD teamrideri Kevin Mevissen -ilt ja bossilt Roberto Riccilt

Dear all

Rrd is proud to announce that our hot new rider Kevin ?The Meev? Mevissen is going double and has now joined the RRD TEAM twice: commencing from the 2008 season Kevin will not just ride RRD boards but he will also be rocking on the awesome RRD SAILS too!

Kevin arrived fully equipped with his new stuff (RRD TWINTIP and RRD SAILS WAVE VOGUE) and has just came kicked off on the EFPT tour and moved straight to second position on the single elimination of the first EFPT Event currently in action in Tarifa!

Kevin Mevissen said: “I’m really stocked to be in 2nd place here in Tarifa! I got on my gear yesterday and immediately made it clear that the RRD gear is rocking! I hope everyone is ripping where ever you are in the world! Stay tuned, Kevin Mevissen”

Roberto Ricci said: “Everybody already knows that Kevin is a supremely talented windsurfer and that RRD Wave Vogue sails are beautiful. Now everybody know that RRD Sails are not just beautiful but they also work great!

I’m stoked to have Kevin as our team rider and fully rocking on the tour. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the Double Elimination!”?

Kevin reach the second place in the Single Elimination of Tarifa EFPT Event using: RRD Twin Tip 90 and RRD Sails Wave Vogue 4.7

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