Müüa vähe kasutatud Poison 2009 aasta laud!!!!

Müüa RRD Poison lohelaud 2009 aasta mudel. VÄHE KASUTATUD!!!If you think about combining the most innovative technology of construction available, with:
· a fully wet sanded and polished finish
· a megathin bottom foil with a sick hi-definition photoprint
· a stainless steel LTD signature nose plate
· a state of the art accessory package
· a top level snowboard laminar woodcore technology
Then you have an idea of what this board line comes with. Just add a CNC shape with a definition of 0,5 mm steps consisting in a deep single concave hull, torsion box designed tips, and you have the 2009 POISON line! Anything missing? Oh yes, every board size has a different color! Equipped with the new Screw·IT™! System pads and straps.

133X42 Poison – hind 7000 eek



RistoK 56686766

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