Müüa RRD Obsession lohed!!!!

  Müüa RRD Obsession 2009 aasta lohed. VÄHE KASUTATUD!!!  The only SLE kite in our line. We keep considering a freestyle kite “out of the 4 line C-shape box”. The KWPT world tour 2007 winner Seb Garat from an initial scepticism on the type 9, has found the perfect tool to express himself at the highest level of freedom and performance in freestyling. The Obsession 2009 is based on the type 9 2008 with revised shape, tips width and outline design. The result is an even more stable kite, faster in the big sizes and slower in the small ones, with and incredible amount of power and easiness to ride “unhooked”. The new trendsetter in speed and progressive smooth power in all areas of the flying window. Perfect for kiteloops and waveriding. 

7m2 Obsession  komplekti hind 11500 eek
10.5m2 Obsession komplekti hind 13500 eek


RistoK 56686766

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